Everything stays the same apart from receiving lower prices. You keep the same account manager, the same direct debit mandate.

We do not charge a fee for our service, as we get paid by our suppliers.

Because of the amount of business we put through leading energy suppliers, we are able to get lower rates. We share these prices with our customers.

Automatic contract roll dates vary from supplier to supplier, so the earlier we are contacted it is better, as we can ensure the contract does not roll over at higher rates and renew your contracts at cheaper rates.

Customers can contact us to find out the lower rates we can offer. With certain specific information about the particular site, we will provide prices for your existing supplier or another supplier of choice. We assist you the contract renewals process at lower prices.

Each supplier should send out renewal notices during a notice period. Every supplier has a different notice period.

Many businesses never receive their renewal letter or receive it too late and find themselves tied into a new contract at hugely uncompetitive rates.