We specialise in procuring the best available rates in the market for our customers for their electricity, gas and water contracts.


Energy suppliers have most of their customers tied into roll over contracts, and the contracts can roll over into higher rates if action is not taken. We specialise in working closely with suppliers and our customers during the renewal process ensuring they don’t find themselves paying massively inflated contract rates for their gas and electric supply for a long period. Because of the volume of business we pass through to the suppliers, we can secure energy contracts are cheaper rates than directly offered by the supplier.


We assist our customers in moving from one supplier to the other. Such decisions need to be made long before the end of an existing contract and hence our expertise will ensure a smooth transfer with fewer hassles allowing our customer gets to focus their time on their core business.


Most energy suppliers have their contracts rolling over into a new contract at a certain period before the actual end of the existing contract. This notice period varies from supplier to supplier and is also based on the type of contract. Our Energy Management System will send an automatic reminder to our customers, so that we can act on their behalf and ensure the contract doesn’t roll over at higher rates.


We come across a lot of customers who are either incorrectly billed or charged due to admin and meter reading errors. We offer bill validation services to our customer to make sure you are only paying for energy you have used

The benefits of bill validation
  • Check invoices against contract rates
  • Meter charge validation
  • Analysis of standing charges
  • Recovery of overspend
  • Accurate on-going bills
  • Ongoing validation each month before the invoice due date.